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Quick Look At MGM

Quick Look At MGM

Most currently, MGM Group started manufacturing flame lighters and established its own factory in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.
MGM is able to supply for any kind of demand from both local and foreign customers by its fully automated manufacturing facility which has the highest DPC in Turkey.
In our manufacturing facility we produce;
-various different models
-manufacture both flint and electronic types
-produce different body series such as our classic series, transparent or pastel series
-offer our models with childproof or non-childproof options
-offer two different packing styles; in box or in shrink
-offer various prints on every single body type, also specialized print designs when asked for (minimum quantity required)
-offer stands for our models Toscow and I-lighter Y-220, with different designs

Our expertise in manufacturing and marketing, our wide vision about upcoming opportunities and situation assessment combined with our high quality products;
enables us to take advantage of the geopolitical position of Turkey on our journey to become an international brand in the sector with high customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our competitive price strategy, product variety, importance given to the customer satisfaction and continuously developing print options and technologies allowed us to be dominant in the local market.

Our product quality supported by global certificates such as ISO 9994, 9001, 10002, 14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO EN 13869 Child Resistant.

All the flame-lighters we produce are refillable and have the gas capacity to enable a long-lasting customer experience.

Until this day; we have already exported our goods to;
UK, Italy, Germany, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Peru.