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About Us

About Us


A journey started around 20 years ago with two significant goals;
Our first goal was to present in multiple sectors prioritizing the sustainable and continuously developing high quality of products and our competitive price point.
When it comes to our second goal, it was to adapt, evolve and develop our goods and business model in order to make the customer satisfaction better and better every day, no matter how small the changes are.
Our drive to achieve these goals allowed us to establish our business on a solid ground and develop quicker when compared to our competitors. Now MGM, taking steps towards global expansion, is seeking for business relations with people who share similar drives and business ethics.


To become the sector leader in every single sector we participate by offering our goods at a revolutionary price while prioritizing customer satisfaction, sustainable quality and innovation.


Our mission is to offer our customers the best quality, convenience and variety, at the most competitive prices possible.
Is working to overstep its limits by developing different work models, so that the significant presence and market share the company has in different sectors could carry along for decades.
Never slows down in its pursuit to achieve its dreams, never compromises on product quality and customer service.
Prioritizes customer satisfaction, product variety, innovations, self-motivation and being environmental friendly.
Tries to build long lasting, sustainable business-relations in order to achieve its business goals.
Supports projects with social benefits in order to add value in social responsibility projects and contributes to raising awareness about environmental issues through nature conservation projects together with its long time business partner, Arikan Time.


MGM GROUP, founded around 20 years ago, has first started its journey in the stationary sector. After gaining significant expertise and experience in the stationary market, the company decided to move in to a new sector.
With an extraordinary effort, MGM acquired the license rights of men’s accessories for the three major Turkish football clubs, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe in 2003. MGM still holds these rights to this day for products such as keychains, watches, coffee-mugs and lighters.
After MGM started producing licensed watches for Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, the company decided to show more presence in the luxury timepieces segment, together with Arikan Group.
So was the MGM GROUP-Arikan Time partnership was born. With the acquisition of the name rights of Slazenger Watches in 2008, the company entered to the wrist-watch market.
To list some of the achievements this partnership accomplished in the luxury time-pieces sector;
MGM Group – Arikan Time partnership has;
-Founded Swiss made brand Wainer in 2010
-Founded I-Watch brand in 2011
-Acquired rights for Slazenger Eyewear in 2013
-Received all the brand rights for Quantum and Belmond watch brands
-Participated in Baselworld 2014
-Received all the distribution rights for Police watches in Turkey in 2014
-Received all the distribution rights for Superdry 2015

As MGM Group was emerging to the flame lighters sector with the licensed lighters of the three major football clubs Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş, it has decided that it would make magnificent business sense to manufacture the lighters in-house instead of importing them.
So was the factory of MGM established in 2013, Istanbul, Turkey. From 2013 to 2019, MGM Group has shown the power of its business model and the importance of the business ethics, by expanding in the local market rapidly and exporting its goods to around 15 countries.

  • MGM was founded

  • MGM acquired licences for majority of mens accessories of three majör Turkish Football Clubs, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray.

  • MGM-Arıkan partnership acquired name rights for Slazenger watches.

  • MGM established its own manufacturing facility in Istanbul.

  • MGM has started exporting its goods around the globe and is getting ready to participate in its first trade fair.